For those of you who might read this and aren't on my mailing list, be advised. Frank Downey (as an author name) will be going away.

On Stories Online, I will be changing my nom de plume to Don Lockwood.

On ASSTR, I'm going away, at least temporarily.

This change will be made in the next few days.

Sorry for the incovenience, but I need to make Frank Downey go away, for future career reasons, as it's my real name and all :)


Yay me

I will be receiving my associates degree (with Honors) on Thursday, May 21.

Yay me.

Now on to the bachelor's.

And some time this summer trying to catch up with writing, publishing, friends I've been completely neglecting...:)

Only like three more weeks

left in this semester.

Thank *goodness*.

19 credit hours. 6 courses, of which 4 were online. Never, never, again.

And I'm so behind in Spanish.....

It is a good thing I have that nice 27 credit hours worth of a 4.0 cushion from last year. Because I won't be getting no 4.0 this semester.

RIP, Molly The Cat

Molly died Wednesday night.

Molly was technically my parents' cat, but since I've been living here for more than 2 years she was my cat as well. Which also fits with her personality: she was everybody's cat. Even if she'd never met you, if you had a warm lap and a hand willing to scritch, she was your cat :). We always said that she was the cat that thinks she's a dog :D.

Molly had a tumor, on the base of one of her hind legs, near her hip. After some bullshit from the local vet, my parents asked my sister (whose best friend does cat rescue) to find out what vet said best friend uses. Mom took Molly to that vet. He said the lump was definitely cancerous, and they made plans to operate, later this month. However, the vet said that when they got Molly in, they would first do chest xrays to see if the cancer had spread.

Obviously, it had.

Tuesday, Molly came up in my room. She was fine Tuesday, seemingly, but coming up to my room was fairly unusual (though not unprecedented). She hung out for a few hours while I did my homework, begging for scritches. I'm grateful for that.

She was sick all Wednesday. At some point, she went down to the basement (where her litter box was). The other cat, Elmo, the antisocial one, came up to the first floor and cried, repeatedly, at my Dad, until he got up and went to the basement. There he found Molly dead on the floor.

I'm gonna miss her. She was the most people friendly cat I've ever seen. Her favorite lap was the one that belonged to anyone sitting in my father's recliner. If that wasn't Dad, it was usually one of my kids :). They're going to miss Molly as much as anyone.
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The mystery

What mystery is that? That would be the Why Is Frank In So Much Pain He's Popping Percocet mystery.

We first thought kidney. It felt like kidney. It *still* feels like kidney. They first checked me for stones, of which I have a history. No dice; well, I have them but I pretty much always have them and these are completely nonobstructive...and only obstructive ones cause any problems and nonobstructive ones *certainly* would never cause Percocet Pain.

Next was blood tests and piss in a cup, to check for kidney infections and such. All negative.

So, what? Apparently it's NOT my kidney. Muscular? Back? Hip? Well, I think the pain a little high to be my hip, but who the fuck knows?

Now I need Xrays.

My doc asked me, "Think of the worst pain you've even been in in your life, which I'm guessing is your worst kidney stone." I agreed. "OK, Call that 10. On a scale of one to 10, what's this pain?"


And now this fourteen scale popping Percocet pain might be a back muscle. Yeah, back muscles heal *so* easily. Fuck.
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Thanks guys

I'll have no problem getting The Kid her birthday guitar. Thanks again. Enjoy the books.

After her bday, I'll post a pic of her with axe :)


Book Two!

is available on Lulu.

This one's a little bit more expensive than book one because, to my surprise, it's 100 pages longer. I thought 1 was going to be the longest (3 will definitely be the shortest). Anyhow, it's 22 bucks.

Now, I meant to get this done a week ago before kidney stones and homework set me back, so I'm NOT leaving enough time for my plea, but I'm going to make my plea anyway. Anyone who purchases the book before 9/30 will be contributing to the "Frank's daughter wants a guitar for her 13th birthday" fund, so it'll be well appreciated :)

It's here.


And if you haven't gotten Book One that's also still available for the low low price of twenty american bucks!


Thanks all,



Fucking kidney stones.

And this one's so bad, I did something I never do...called the Doc for something stronger than Advil.

So, now, after I picked them up and picked my girls up I can take one.

Percocet, take me a way.

arrrgggghhhhh.....fucking hurts like hell to *breathe*....fucking things.....
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